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   What does the word “servant” bring to mind? A police officer dedicated to protect and serve? A parent changing diapers? A restaurant worker bringing my meal? All this and more, we find in that word “servant”.

   How about when Jesus calls himself a servant? What comes to mind when you hear him proclaim, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve”? Must it not be his greatest service, “to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45)? Why could the ruler of the universe find himself stretched out on a cruel cross? Why could the One who hates sin and punishes sin bleed and die in payment for the world’s sins? Why could the eternal One, without beginning or end, become a pinpoint of cells in a virgin’s womb and a cold corpse in Joseph’s tomb? Why did he come to serve in such a way? There is no other answer than his great and undeserved love for us.

   Nor did his service stop with his ascension. His sitting at God’s right hand in heavens does not indicate retirement and a rocking chair. He’s still busy working as our servant. At the baptismal font, he sent his Holy Spirit to put the sign of his cross on our hearts to show that he had redeemed us. Through his Word, as we read and hear it, he offers us the nourishing food of his forgiveness. At the Communion Table, he gives us his most precious body and blood with the bread and wine to assure us that our forgiveness is real and our sins are gone. Never does he grow tired of serving us in these wonderful ways.

   There’s more. The ascended King of kings rules over the nations, bending their history to his will and for the welfare of his church. At the right hand of the Father, the ascended Prophet guides and governs his church on earth, giving it pastors and teachers and other called workers, blessing their proclamation of his saving name. In addition, the ascended Priest pleads for us when we sin, reminding his Father that those sins are already paid for. How busy this heavenly Servant must be!

   On February 14th we begin our Lenten season with midweek Lenten services on Wednesday.  What wonderful opportunities these services give us to look at how our Great High Priest has given his all to serve us.  May we make these services a high priority in our week.


Pastor Martin Spaude

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