VBS June Recap






  What a great time was had by all who attended Calvary’s Vacation Bible School program this summer.  One of a Kind Zoo opened every day from June 26th – 30th.   Students enjoying this amazing zoo each day they enjoyed Bible lessons where they met one amazing animal found in the Bible, make interesting crafts that highlighted our Bible lessons, taste a variety of zoo snacks, play fun animal games, and sing His praises.  That wasn’t all students enjoyed.  A couple of days, children enjoyed having their faces painted in all kinds of interesting animal shapes, some that matched the stickers on their name tags, and on one special day, have plenty of time to engage with real animals as a traveling petting zoo, through Carter Farms of Queen Creek, paid a special visit to our One of a Kind Zoo.

   Through this year’s VBS program we were able to reach out with His message to 30 – 35 students that attended each day.  Ten of these students were from Calvary and the rest were outside our congregation.

    What a blessing was our amazing staff that made a real difference to all students who were part of this year’s program.  We sincerely thank all these teachers, helpers, and volunteers.

Michelle Spaude, Adam Cross, Anna Remsburg, Kimmerle Burrell, Staff Minister Charlie Kuether, Elroy Bartsch, Tyler Altman, Sandra Hamilton, Tyler Irwin, Dylan Irwin, Peg Nieto, Pastor Spaude, Tim Moke, Rachel Traudt, Aaron Cross, Laramie Rasmussen, Loretta Gannon, Katy Abbe, James Abbe, John and Kay Nelson, Randi Rasmussen, and Ben Kucenski.


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