Christmas for Kids RECAP

On Saturday, December 9th, Calvary welcomed 20 – 22 excited children, all but six were outside of Calvary,  to join us in a very special birthday party for Jesus.  First we had the privilege of sharing the Christmas message found in the books of Matthew and Luke, focusing this year on how God led the wise men to Jesus.  That was followed by Christmas crafts and Christmas music giving all children the opportunity to have special memories of the wonderful messages found in Christmas for Kids.  There were also games and Christmas snacks.  The children enjoyed both of these fun activities, especially designing their own snacks with plenty of color and sugar.  Before our final devotion the birthday cake for Jesus was brought out and the children and all present sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  It was a special day.


    We truly thank our wonderful staff and volunteers that made this event possible.  Here they are in no particular order:

 Tyler, Dylan, and Christine Irwin, Sandra Hamilton, Loretta Gannon, Aaron, Adam, and Philip Cross, Deb Spaude, Rachel Traudt, Michelle Spaude, Kimmerle Burrell, Breanna Reidy, Pastor Spaude, Peg Nieto, Elroy Bartsch, Alicia and Ben Coker, Staff Minister Charlie Kuether, and our leader, Leah Cross.

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