RECAP Guinea Pig Potluck/Bingo

What a wonderful afternoon & evening of fellowship it was for over thirty members of Calvary. The cooks and bakers didn’t disappoint us in their efforts to experiment with “new” recipes. After our interesting meal, many of us wandered over to the parsonage to get a “before” view of the premises. Then, it was time to get down to some serious B-i-n-g-o playing. The numbers were called by seasoned caller, Brad Reinke. Participants, both young and old, marked their cards by using either chips or m&m’s. Bingo’s top prize, the coveted prunes, was won by cutie Jenna Traudt who was thrilled to have them. Although a nice sized group attended this year’s Guinea Pig Potluck Bingo event, we look forward to you joining us in January 2019!


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