Christmas for Kids RECAP

On Saturday, December 8th, we welcomed twenty-three children, ages three through eleven to a very special birthday party for our Savior.  What is becoming more apparent with each of our programs, including, Christmas for Kids, is that a number of children who attended were part of Calvary’s previous Christmas for Kids, and Vacation Bible Schools.  That said, our staff did a wonderful job in all areas of this year’s program, allowing children to first grow in the Christmas message, enjoy a special Christmas skit, loving the singing of Christmas carols, making of memorable Christmas crafts, games that provided opportunity for fellowship and fun, and the decorating and consuming of Christmas cookies, along with the special Christmas birthday cake that all enjoyed.

    A sincere thank you to Calvary’s Christmas for Kids staff that includes the following:  Leah Cross (leader), Pastor Spaude, Michelle Spaude, Kimmerle Burrell, Keviana Hunt , Philip Cross, Chris Cross, Charlie Kuether, Katy Abbe, Stephanie Osswald, Laramie Rasmussen, Kylan Rasmussen, Debbie Spaude, Rachel Traudt, Peg Nieto, Linda Nick, and Randi Rasmussen.  Again, excellent job done by all.


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