Pastor's Weekly Message

December 13, 2018

Dear members of our Calvary family:

    Waiting is not what it used to be. People used to be used to waiting. At the time of the American Revolution, it took six to eight weeks for a letter to cross from America to Europe. Imagine, sending a letter and having to wait four months for a reply! Now, we send a text and wonder five minutes later what is taking so long for the person to reply.
   Even as recently as thirty or forty years ago people were more used to waiting. When your favorite television show took a commercial break, you waited until the commercials were over and then continued watching. There was no remote control to flip around during the commercial. You just waited. And, speaking of your favorite show, you had to wait a whole week before seeing the next episode. Now, whole seasons of shows are being released. You can watch them as quickly as you like. Not then. You had no choice. You simply had to wait until next week.
   People are not used to waiting the way we once were. And, when we do have to wait, we wait differently than we once did. Remember when there were periods of time you would just have to sit and wait in line at the store or in the waiting room at the doctor? Not anymore. Now that we have smartphones there is always something to do or watch while we are waiting.
   The Lord has promised to return on the Last Day.  He said that his coming is soon.  We are waiting for him to come back.  What are we to do while we wait?  St. Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3: 14:  “Therefore, dear friends, as you look forward to these things, make every effort to be found in peace, spotless and blameless in his sight.”  (EHV) When the Holy Spirit planted faith in our hearts to know and believe that through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection we are forgiven and given the guarantee of eternal life, we were clothed with Jesus’ righteousness so that God sees us as sinless, as pure, as holy. We aren’t. But, through Christ God sees us that way. So, now, God’s encouragement is to be what he has made us.
   With praise on our lips we come to the Lord’s house this weekend to hear of God’s unending love for us.  May we give our praise to our God for all that he has done.  Lord’s blessings to you.
Pastor Martin Spaude

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