Pastor's Weekly Message
June 6, 2019
Dear members of our Calvary family:
   The operation was the largest single-day invasion of all time. Just under 200,000 Allied naval and merchant navy personnel delivered over 130,000 troops along a stretch of the Normandy coast in France. They, in turn, were supported by 12,000 aircraft flying 14,000 sorties. These invaders’ goal was to get past the well-entrenched German army that was 250,000-troop strong. June 6th, 1944, “D-Day” as we now simply call it, was a pivotal day in the Second World War. It opened the way for the destruction of the Nazis and the deliverance of Europe.  Today we mark the anniversary of that day.  We remember all who gave their lives in that operation.  And we commend all who are alive who were a part of that operation for their bravery and courage.
   As many bombs fell and bullets were fired on the D-Day of 1944, that day will pale in comparison to the Divine D-Day that is coming. This D-Day will not just lead to but be a day of destruction for unbelievers and a day of deliverance for believers.  Divine D-Day is, of course, another name for Judgment Day.  The Lord has told us this day is coming like a thief in the night, and it is coming soon.
   Knowing that a day of judgment is coming, however, is not the same as being ready for it. German intelligence knew that the Allies were going to invade on June 6th, 1944. How then do you explain that many German officers, including the commanding general, went on leave the weekend of the attack? It’s because they underestimated the strength and the resolve of the Allies. They figured that even if the Allies did attack, they would have time to get back to the front line to sort things out. It was a fatal underestimation. Are you making the same fatal underestimation in regard to Judgment Day? Do you treat your faith like a weekend hobby taking leave of it Monday through Saturday thinking should Judgment Day happen on one of those days you’ll still be able to talk your way into heaven?  Be ready for that Divine D-Day.  Be ready as you faithfully read your Bibles and come to church to hear God’s Word.  The Holy Spirit will keep you strong in the faith and ready for that final day.
  Les Floyd would like to thank all the members who kept him in their prayers as he went through cancer surgery.  The surgeon was able to remove his kidney and the tumor that was encapsulated there.  We thank God that the cancer has all been removed from his body.
  May our God of grace and mercy continue to watch over all of you.
Pastor Martin Spaude

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