Pastor's Weekly Message
December 5, 2019
Dear members of our Calvary family:
   Blessings. This is what we see all around us. Nothing but God’s blessings. It’s always so easy for us to want what we don’t have or complain about what isn’t happening or grumble about what’s going wrong. It’s not always so easy for us to see the blessings that are present. So it’s good from time to time to take a step back, stop what we are doing, and see and acknowledge the blessings our God is bringing to us.  As Christmas approaches, we realize how important family is.  What a blessing are the family members God has given to us.  Christmas is the time for gift giving.  What a blessing that we live in a country where we have the means to buy gifts for others.  Blessings indeed.
   Most importantly, this month we prepare our hearts to celebrate the greatest blessing of all: God’s love in sending his Son into this world to carry out the work of our salvation! While this month will be full of parties, gifts, decorations, and other good times, most importantly is when we gather together as a family of God to worship him and give him praise for keeping his promise to bring salvation to us through his Son.  Through Jesus, our sins are forgiven, we have been brought into God’s family, and we will live with him forever.  There is no bigger blessing than this. All praise goes to our God who loves us.  So, while things might not always be perfect, we recognize the many blessings our God is giving to us.  Stop to thank God for these blessings. Let his amazing love spur you on in your service to him, now and
  We thank the Lord for being with Liz Johnson as she went through surgery on her foot.  May the Lord give her speedy recovery.
  I look forward to seeing you this weekend in church as we give our Maker and Savior the praises due him.  As we approach Christmas may we all keep our minds focused on what Christmas is truly all about, the birth of our Savior.  May our Lord continue to guard and keep all of you.
Pastor Martin Spaude

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