Pastor's Weekly Message
May 24, 2018
Dear members of our Calvary family:
  Next Monday is Memorial Day. Why do we have Memorial Day? What is the point? As Americans, it is good for us to have a holiday that reminds us that the freedoms we enjoy as Americans are freedoms that were earned. On Memorial Day, we remember all those people in the past, who wore uniforms representing our country, people who fought against those who were trying to steal our freedom away. We especially remember those who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms.  On Memorial Day, we remember the people in the present, who still fight for our freedoms today. As an American, you enjoy a certain amount of freedom, and a certain quality of life that many people in the world just don’t have. And that freedom, that quality of life, didn’t just happen out of the blue. It’s something that was earned for you by other people. That’s why we have Memorial Day, to remember and honor those people.
    There’s another day that we are celebrating this weekend, and that day is Trinity Sunday. I guess you could say that Trinity Sunday is similar to Memorial Day. On Trinity Sunday, we remember that God reveals himself to us in three separate ways, as three separate persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet he is one God. Now remember, the doctrine of the Trinity does not attempt to completely explain God. It only explains to us in a very simple way what God has revealed to us about himself so far. To describe the tip of the iceberg above the water is not to describe the entire iceberg. So we Christians affirm the Trinity, not as a complete explanation of God, but simply as a way of describing the tip of the iceberg - what we know about him.
   On Memorial Day, we remember the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf. Because of those sacrifices, we have freedom. Every Sunday, indeed, every day we remember the sacrifice our God has made to give us freedom from sin's condemnation and a place in heaven.  What love the Father has shown in giving ups his Son for us.  What love the Son has shown in giving up his life for us.  What love the Holy Spirit has shown in giving us a new birth into the family of God.  May you all have a very happy Memorial Day weekend, but an especially great Trinity Sunday.
   Keep in your prayers the family of Quincy Wiley who passed away this past Tuesday.  What joy is now Quincy's as he has been given that crown of eternal life in heaven.  The memorial service for him will be on Saturday, June 2nd, at 11:00 am.  May the Lord continue to shepherd all of you.
Pastor Martin Spaude



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