Pastor's Weekly Message
August 8, 2019
Dear member of our Calvary family: 
   “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him.” (Psalm 37:5)  God knows (even better than we do) the burdens that we bear through life. How do I know? From verses like Psalm 37:5 above. When God talks to us through his Word, he shows us that he understands how situations in life leave us feeling overburdened. He shows us by the words and picture phrases he uses to describe trust in him.
   The word “commit” above literally means “to roll.” We roll things when they are too heavy for us to carry. Is your burden too heavy for you? God knows you have them. That’s why he describes them as something too heavy to carry. Are you trying to lift away your guilt on your own? Are you trying to carry through a tough situation by yourself? Are you putting your trust in worldly things to save the day (if you do, you won’t lift the burden anywhere!)?
   Of course, it’s not just comforting to know God understands the burdens we bear. It’s also comforting for us to hear what God tells us to do with our burdens. Is your burden too heavy? ROLL your ways, your whole life, to the Lord. Pile up the boulders before him and put your hope in him! What happens next?  “He will make your righteousness shine like light, your justice noon.” (Psalm 37:6)
   As our Lord is there to shoulder our burdens, so he is there to bless us every day.  May he continue to watch over you as you continue to take your stand on him.  See you at church this weekend.
Pastor Martin Spaude

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